Press Release, 04/2024

Tamsen George has published a new book! She draws upon her extensive research and knowledge on the Revolutionary Period and develops a fictional story (anticipated to be a series) of murder and mystery. Her research around the life of William Eustis and the Revolutionary period uncovered vast amounts of stories and information. In this book, she incorporates historical figures, facts and findings and develops them into a web of intrigue. An Early American “Whodunit” with Dr. William Eustis as the protagonist!

A Historical Fiction Mystery by Tamsen Evans George

A tale of Dr. William Eustis, and his efforts to solve two murders while trying not to neglect his patients.
What happens when an unknown body appears on the side of the wagon road just outside the path to an all-female community near West Point? You call Dr. Eustis! The Continental Army led by General George Washington is otherwise focused on holding back the British advance. Dr. William Eustis is tasked by General Benedict Arnold with identifying the corpse. Assistance and advice come from his friends, Dr. Sam Adams, Jr. and Aaron Burr as they realize there is a second murder. Complications arrive with spies, counterfeiters, and smugglers! Luckily there is also back-up support from Noah, a former slave, his assistant, Elijah, a budding apothecary, and a beautiful barmaid, Bridey McGuinness.

Watch for upcoming book signings, release events and talks !