Reviews of Allegiance

Book Reviews, Continued

“I am about halfway through the book and I absolutely  love it.  Learning so many things I did not know about our revolutionary time and you make it so easy to read and put the reader right in the middle of things….makes It is so much more realistic.  You cover so many important events in the war and you do it concisely in plain American English. It almost reads like a very smooth novel.  Loved the part about Benedict Arnold.   Your ability to put “feeling” in the book makes history easier to understand and your work a gem.  Thank you so much.”

~ G. Knight

“I am thoroughly enjoying your book and your style!    I’m now up to the War of 1812 – which I thought I knew – and continue to learn more and more!    It’s an amazing life that Mr. Eustis led!   Can you imagine how much American History he influenced!!  (of course you can, you wrote the book!)     I’m sure I’ll write again when I finish the book, but I wanted to thank you again for a great contribution to historians.”

~ K. Doyle


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